Everything You Want To Know About Bill Of Lading in Conway Freight

We generate standard BOL or Bill of Lading for all shipments. This means you need not worry about the hassles of BOL when you try to ship any Conway freight. Such BOL or Bill of Lading is needed when it comes to Conway freight or rail shipments by freight forwarding companies. This bill functions as a receipt towards all Conway freight services. It also serves as a title document and contract between parties concerned. This page details everything about the BOL or Bill of Lading.

The Bill of Lading or BOL

The system generated BOL or Bill of Lading needs to be submitted to the respective LTL Conway freight carrier whenever there is pickup of the shipment. The BOL happens to be compulsory and legally binding as a document and provides the freight forwarding companies as well as the driver with all requisite details needed for processing of Conway freight shipment. It also helps the parties concerned invoice the services properly and accurately.

Here below is an example of what a BOL or Bill of Lading looks like. The shipping label needs to be attached to your BOL over the top right corner wherever it is mentioned 'place your label here'.

Information Included

In terms of a typical LTL Conway freight shipment by any of the freight forwarding companies, all information is included within the BOL such as:

  • Receiver's and shipper's names as well as detailed addresses wherever it is indicated. Receiver is also known as consignee and addresses of both concerned parties need to have zipcodes mentioned.
  • Markings and special notes such as account number of special nature used within internal business. These sometimes include PO or purchase orders from the customer. The freight forwarding companies need to ensure that all such details are included within the BOL for Conway freight shipments.
  • Special instructions to carrier for ensuring prompt and expedited delivery. You can check with us at Globalforwarding to find out if the special instructions provided might incur additional Conway freight charges or not. Reference numbers like the BOL number can be inserted for the purpose of usage internally.
  • Shipment date to freight forwarding companies over the BOL form.
  • Shipping unit numbers. This refers to the exact number of standalone pieces being shipped. If shipment pieces are secured such that standalone pieces can't be separated, it comprises one single shipping unit in Conway freight. This is irrespective of the number of pieces part of the overall shipment.
  • Packaging type and the typical types of packaging include pallets, cartons, drums and skids.
  • Special note stating if the Conway freight commodity comprises any one of the hazardous materials as part of the DOT list. In such cases, special requirements as well as rules are applicable and you can browse through our listing of hazardous materials or contact us for further discussion of hazardous material shipment by freight forwarding companies.
  • Articles shipped description. This description of the Conway freight will include material used during manufacture as well as the common name. In the case of hazardous materials as per DOT, there are many regulations and special requirements. You can contact us to know the exact specifications for your Conway freight product.
  • NMFC number. You can contact Globalforwarding for appropriate NMFC number and Conway freight item description. The freight forwarding companies will determine the best classification for Conway freight on your behalf and the Conway freight charges would depend on this.
  • Exact weight. You need to mention the accurate weight of what is being shipped and in the case of multiple Conway freight items, every commodity's weight is listed separately.
  • COD amount collected if applicable.
  • Declared Conway freight goods value.

System generated BOL makes shipment of Conway freight by freight forwarding companies easy, fast as well as affordable. Now you can ship intermodal, LTL Conway freight as well as refrigerated, truckload, air and international with ease!