Are Truck Drivers Supposed to Help Load/Unload?

All around the world, tractor trailer trucks are used every day to move cargo. Here in the US, logistics companies are picking up loads and dropping them off all over the country. They go in and out of warehouses and wait in longer lines than most of us ever have to. So why are they so special when it comes to loading and unloading shipping containers and trailers? They stand and watch while workers from the warehouses load or unload and sometimes they may seem a little impatient too. This makes some workers wonder why truck drivers do not assist.

Most of the time drivers do not assist because of company policies. It is usually warehouse policy that they are not allowed to touch the freight and it is the trucking company’s policies as well. This has been a long standard when shipping by truck in the US. Truck drivers are not covered under the warehousing insurance since they are not employees. Many companies also do not want drivers handling their merchandise since they are not familiar with it. Instead some drivers will supervise to be sure the load will not be imbalanced and their truck is not damaged, but that may not be allowed either.

Many companies have 95%-99% no touch freight when they hire their drivers. If there is an instance where they will need to load or unload it is usually specified before the transaction takes place.  For the safety of the drivers as well as warehousing personnel and the merchandise itself, it makes the most sense to let the professionals do their jobs without interference.