Destination Delivery Charge

While shipping freight into the United States could be costly, working with a Freight Forwarder could be an excellent way to develop a cost saving shipping plan and to understand all of the expenses involved. One of the added costs to shipping to the United States involves the Destination Delivery Charge. Also known as DDC, with the Destination Delivery Charge, carriers add this cost for transporting FCLs (full container loads) at various US destination ports and terminals.

In the shipping industry, there is not set universal charge for every carrier’s Destination Delivery Charge. Typically, the Destination Delivery Charge varies on the carrier, the cargo and sometimes the specific port or terminal. When you receive an ocean freight shipping quote online, the Destination Delivery Charge is considered to be accessorial and will later be added onto the rate.

The reason that shipping carriers force the Destination Delivery Charge is to cover the cost of using the crane to lift containers. The charge is also used to cover certain gate fees at destinations. And this expense could add up and be very costly, especially in the United States with all of the regulations at the terminals.

The Destination Delivery Charge is an important cost in International freight shipping, and all importers should be aware of that. The best thing for a shipper to do in regards to the Destination Delivery Charge is to work with your logistics provider to determine a plan that works within your budget.