Following the Rules in Export Shipping

Different areas of the world require different considerations when exporting shipping. Some places are easier because they are close by or have similar social values or similar politics. Others are so different that they require extensive research before exporting to them. In many cases, the companies that are starting export shipping are taking a chance with a new supplier or new area and they are concerned with the product more than the customs or considerations that should be noted before getting involved. For instance, when shipping to China, you may need to check to be sure your commodity is not on a prohibited list since China in particular can be very strict in their imports. Each country has its own rules and regulations that will need to be followed. It is important to know these before you ship. Many times your freight forwarder can be a useful tool for these types of questions. Also it is important to note that your supplier is not always going to be the best resource for these regulations. Depending on where you are planning to ship, many time suppliers are willing to bend the rules which may ultimately be at your expense. Until you are shipping regularly and fully understand the nuances of the area, you will not be able to fully recognize the cultural and legal effects of how you are handling your shipments. It is better to be safe than sorry in exporting. What may seem like a small infraction could wind up costing you more than if you followed the regulations in the first place.