How the US Presidential Race Can Affect Shipping

As with any profound changes in the United States political climate, everyone involved in international business is wondering how the upcoming US presidential race will affect their companies. In the shipping industry, we wonder how this will change international freight shipping and the rules and regulations that we abide by.  Whether voting Republican or Democrat, it is clear to most people that these two potential presidents have much different visions to get the US economy back on track and end the increases in unemployment. And it will affect the domestic shipping industry.

What is going to put us back on the track to move out of the economic recession?  This will be determined by which candidate is chosen. If one side is chosen, we will see more of the same including small changes that may or may not have helped growth.  If the other side is chosen, many of the tight regulations could move to a state level or be eliminated completely. If regulations move to a state level, it could mean a better flow for rules regarding specific ports, but it would no longer be standard and each international shipping company would have to be aware of all regulations at each port. This could mean more regulations, but it would hardly impede the shipping industry. And while the international shipping industry should not be affected too much by the change of office, the way foreign policies are handled could affect the delicate balance that keeps goods flowing smoothly around the world. This is why so many people are concerned with the outcome of this race, but either way the shipping industry should be in good hands.