Irregular Route Common Carrier

Every business has different needs in respect to domestic freight shipping. Sometimes a larger business might partner with a dedicated trucking carrier. Essentially, these are trucking companies that will frequently work with a trusted client and they usually ship their cargo along the same routes for that client all of the time. For some businesses, a dedicated truck driver following the same exact route is necessary. But not every business needs their own dedicated trucking company to ship the same lanes. Some businesses require a unique logistics plan to cater to their own shipping needs. And by working with a freight forwarder, you can find a carrier that fits those needs.

One possibility is an irregular route common carrier. These carriers serve the general public and different clients. An irregular route common carrier does not follow the same shipping route everyday. These truck drivers do not have the same schedule every day and they have different clients. In essence, these truck drivers go wherever the cargo has to go. They are available to haul your freight from anywhere at any time. They can ship FTL (full truckload), LTL (less than truckload) and even refrigerated freight.

If a business does not require a dedicated trucking solution, then an irregular route common carrier could work for some short-term shipments. But the freight rates for these trucking companies might be different than others. Therefore, you might have to speak with that freight forwarder to determine which type of trucking carrier might be good for you.