Shipping With A LoLo Vessel

A special type of ship that engages in the transportation of international freight is the LoLo Vessel. Although your trusted freight forwarder can provide you with more detailed information, it might be important for some shippers to gain an understanding about these vessels, especially if these ships are constantly used to transport your cargo. What makes the LoLo Vessel unique? A series of different cranes, derricks or other lifting devices at the ports are used for the loading and unloading of the cargo to and from the LoLo Vessel. LoLo stands for “Lift On, Lift Off” in the logistics industry. This procedure is a bit different than the RoRo ships, which rolls on or rolls off the cargo from the ship. The right amount of equipment must be used when lifting your cargo on these ships with a crane.

LoLo ships maintain vast amounts of space on top of the vessel (on the ship deck too), and the space is flexible so that it can be altered to fit the needs of the freight that is lifted on for transportation. These types of ships were very popular for decades and used to transport cars from international locations. Both 20-foot containers and 40-foot containers can be shipped onboard these LoLo vessels. More importantly, shippers who have cargo that is too big for containers, such as a large car, can use a LoLo Vessel for transportation.

For those shippers with larger freight, you can receive a freight shipping quote online and then request a LoLo vessel from your shipping provider.