Trucking Safety in the Hands of New Regulations

In light of recent news, the trucking industry might have to embrace for new regulations. This is news that all shippers should watch closely. Before we delve into the proposed laws and their implications on trucking, we need to look at the current state of trucking safety. 13% of commercial truck accidents involve truck driver fatigue. In 2012, accidents with large trucks on the road involved 3,900 deaths and thousands of other people injured. This is a sore spot in trucking.

A United States Senator recently proposed new regulations aimed at improving safety with regards to commercial truck driving. The proposals include an electronic logging device requirement to occur sooner than anticipated. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration first proposed the requirements for electronic logging devices in 2010. The goal of these devices is to ensure that drivers are not creating fake records for driving hours and following the hours of service rules. These rules are in place so that tired drivers stay off the roads. The Senator also proposed another Department of Transportation Study and increasing the insurance coverage for a commercial truck. Meanwhile, there is also a conflicting proposal in Washington that will allow large trucks to be on highways that they were originally banned from. Allowing them on these roads might be a new safety risk.

The rumor is that new regulations might hurt the trucking industry and raise freight rates. The truth is that these new laws could improve safety in the trucking industry, which in turn will help freight shipping long-term. Everyone, including freight forwarders, wants to improve safety.