What Are Tariffs

Tariffs are essentially agreed-upon rates that a carrier offers to a customer. Tariffs are usually given in the form of a percentage discount, subtracted from the general rates offered to the public. A Tariff will usually govern all LTL shipments given to a certain carrier by the shipper. Using tariffs can become problematic when a shipper has several carrier relationships, and then must compare pricing on each shipment among each of several tariffs. In addition, tariff discounts usually must be negotiated each year, which can become very time consuming for shipping managers and logistics professionals. The GlobalForwarding.com team provides discounted rates with over 85 national and regional carriers, creating huge savings (both time and dollars) for clients. Even if you've had longstanding relationships with a carrier, it's a good idea to get quotes from outside sources from time to time! Visit our website or call our professionals for an instant freight quote today!