Tips for Quoting and Booking LTL

Below we have listed helpful information for you to reference when quoting with Global Forwarding.

  • Our system is valid up to 12 linear feet. As a general rule, this would be 6 standard non stackable pallets (40”x48”).
  • The system is valid up to 12,500#. Anything that exceeds these dimensions should be emailed to: domestic@globalforwarding.com and he will provide you with an accurate rate.
  • Try to avoid using Consolidators. While they are generally the cheapest, their ETA’s are inaccurate.
    • Always use the right class & NMFC #! If you are unsure; please email or call us 877-287-0804 Ext 103 (Casey)
    • If you don’t have a scale, always round up your weight when estimating. It is much cheaper to be overweight then underweight.
    • Don’t use round numbers on your BOL’s such as (1,000lbs, 1,500lbs, 2,000lbs) carriers know that if you are using round numbers then you probably don’t use a scale and that is a red flag.
  • Preventing Residential Delivery Fees:
    • Ensure your customer does NOT list a person's name in the “Company Name” section when entering the Shipper and Consignee addresses. This will assume to be a “Residential” delivery by the Carriers.
  • Preventing a Lift-gate Rebill:
    • Review the Consignee/Shipper location
    • If there is no loading dock and the shipment is over 100 pounds, the delivery/pick-up will require a Lift-gate.

There are locations that are considered “Non Commercial” or “Limited Access”. Please be sure to click the best option notating the location is Limited Access.

In some instances the carriers will have to use means not indicated on the BOL to complete a delivery. An example would be a shipment that requires a liftgate on delivery, and the shipment was not booked with a liftgate. In instances like this the customer will be held responsible for charges imposed by the carriers.

Please ALWAYS make sure the driver receives a copy of the our BOL upon Pickup.

Email: domestic@globalforwarding.com