2013 Hours of Service Rules Impact

One of the most important stories in the American trucking industry in 2013 involved the implementation of the Hours of Service Rules. For those who have not heard of these regulations from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, it involves limiting certain hours when truck drivers are allowed on the road to improve safety for all. Before this new regulation, carriers everywhere complained that the new rules would hurt business, raise truckload shipping rates and cause massive productivity problems.

It has been a few months, and it seems that many carriers were off on their harsh predictions. A recent study from Wolfe Research in the Journal of Commerce found that 68% of those surveyed saw no rate changes as a result of the Hours of Service Rules. The study also said that there could still be some future increases or freight shipping delays. Meanwhile, the President of another research firm chimed in on the subject, saying that shipping by truck prices will increase and more drivers will be needed to keep up the high demands of productivity. Both of these claims have yet to be proven true.

The impacts from the Hours of Service Rules have been very minimal, although some people in logistics expect there to be future impacts from it. For those shippers with supply chains that depend greatly on trucking, preparation should be taken if there is a great impact. Begin a conversation with a trusted freight forwarder who will work with you to determine the best trucking plan for your business.