3 Months After Sandy

We are over 100 days after Super Storm Sandy hit the US East Coast harder than any storm in recent history. Besides the sheer destruction of the storm taking out buildings and flooding too many homes and businesses to mention, this storm had one of the largest power outages ever on top of it all. Almost every business in the Northeast was affected in some way by the storm. Businesses that ship by truck were delayed because of the storm. So what is the status of these communities now and what have we learned from this storm’s destruction?

The rebuilding of the shore areas alone has become a huge undertaking. Having so many people getting involved has been a great help to the New Jersey and New York towns that have been hit the hardest. Truck drivers and utility workers from across the US have been in and out of these towns in order to get rid of debris and get the power going again. It is only now after three months that some people have begun to rebuild. The trucking industry has been a huge part of this rebuilding by driving tractor trailers full of supplies and truck drivers coming in to handle sand removal. Everyone has been grateful to all of those who have helped.

As far as what we have learned, it seems we have learned that everyone comes together in a crisis. While many people were unable to physically get to the East Coast, many have supported the cause in other meaningful ways. Logistics companies have been a wonderful asset to get everyone rebuilding again.