5 Aspects of the Shipper’s Export Declaration Form

The Shipper’s Export Declaration form is a US Census requirement for single commodities more than $2,500 in value. It is valuable in ocean freight shipping. All shippers should speak to their freight forwarder if they have any questions regarding this form. Here are five common questions about details that shippers have regarding this important form:

1. Company Name and Contact Details: First and foremost, the Shipper;s Export Declaration Form must provide the accurate name of the company, as well as the mailing address. Without this information, this form will not be valid.

2. Shipping location and transportation: Shippers should write the state that the shipment originally came from. In addition, make sure you check off that an ocean vessel was the mode of transportation.

3. Schedule B Commodity Classification Code: There are around 8,000 classification codes for different shipping commodities as listed by the US Census Bureau. The code is usually 10 digits and must be included on the Shipper’s Export Declaration form.

4. Export license number and date: Many US exporters are granted a license for transporting cargo out of the country. This license includes a number and a date when the license will cease to be operational. Both of these details should be added to the shipper’s export declaration form.

5. In Bond Code: This two character code is used to identify the in bond status of the shipment, or if there is no in bond code at all. Examples include ‘0’ for shipment remaining domestically, or ‘63’ for immediate exportation from the US.