5 Features of Instant Ocean Freight Quote Software

Perhaps one of the biggest changes in the ocean freight shipping industry in the past decade has been the emergence of software that allows shippers to receive instant container shipping quotes online. Shippers everywhere use this software everyday, and many shipping agents use this as well. Although there are many great features of this technology, there a few features that really stand out. Here are the top five features of instant ocean freight quote software:

1)   Fast – It used to be in the logistics industry that it would take days for your freight forwarder to deliver ocean freight rates. Now with a few clicks, it takes just seconds thanks to this technology.

2)   Best Quotes – by comparing rates from leading carriers that service ports all around the World, shippers will receive competitive rates.

3)   Customization – from Less-than-container load, full container load or drayage, different container sizes, and with port to door options, your quote reflects your exact needs.

4)   Worldwide coverage – The best technology has options to ship with all major base ports to and from the US. Since many supply chains in the US ship to many different nations, this software helps all of them.

5)   Easy to Book – After receiving your instant quote online, you can immediately begin the process for booking your shipment. It is as simple as just taking a few clicks. By connecting booking capabilities with the same technology that offers instant rates, shippers get the best of both worlds right at their fingertips.

Once a shipper tries the software, they realize all of these great benefits.