Affects of the International Protests on Global Shipping

During the past week or so some Northern African and Middle Eastern areas have become increasingly dangerous for Americans. Not only has there been extreme protesting, but there have been sentiments in general that have been anti-American. So what does all of this unrest mean for the companies in the United States who are shipping to and from these areas? Many would like to think that the shipping industry would not be affected since the protests have nothing to do with global shipping services, but in reality, this entire region is an important part of the international freight shipping industry. Egypt in particular can create a huge problem since they control the Suez Canal. Fortunately governments in the area have not been as eager to condemn the United States as the individual factions within their country. In the news there have been reports of Egypt asking for assistance from the IMF and this would surely be a part of any decisions made for the region. As far as Libya, there have been less trade sanctions more recently and their government has been attempting to reposition its place in the world. This is why the area has gotten so much attention and the governments of both sides are treading lightly. Unfortunately the by-product of these politics can greatly affect world trade. Whether or not there are sanctions or other types of measures taken can be a direct hit for people shipping to and from the area. The last thing the shipping industry needs it to have trouble that would lead to further economic difficulty as it continues to push out of the recession.