Air Cargo Increase

The airfreight shipping industry is feeling pretty good during the start of 2014. The International Air Transport Association, also called the IATA, recently revealed a report highlighting the growth of the air cargo sector during the start of the 2014 year. According to the report, there was a 4.5% year over year increase of cargo that is measured in FTKs, which stands for freight tonne kilometers. Throughout the industry, a freight tonne kilometer is a standard measurement.

Industry experts are excited about the news. Essentially, the demand in air cargo shipping has increased to levels that were better than originally anticipated. It should be noted that the volume levels were about the same as a few years ago. The increase in demand occurred all over the globe in 2014 in different regions, most notably with Middle Eastern carriers. North America was the weakest region listed in the report. However, there are positive feelings coming out of the US manufacturing sector that is helping to fuel more export shipping. On another note, these positive trends may or may not continue throughout the rest of the year.

Supply chains should pay attention to this important news. Essentially, the time is right for shippers to consider transporting their cargo as airfreight. Shippers can go online and receive an instant air cargo shipping quote. If you have any questions, consult a trusted freight forwarder who works with leading air cargo carriers who can ship to and from the US and with any nations in the World.