Air Freight After Sandy

Everyone in the shipping and logistics industry has been concerned about their shipments to and from the Northeast United States ever since Super Storm Sandy came ashore. Not only did she wreak havoc on roads and power lines, but she left a wide path of destruction and many displaced shipments. Most of the emphasis has been on the port of New York and the containers and other types of shipments that have been diverted. We what we have not seen as much of is how the air freight industry been handling the aftermath this storm. Much like container shipping, air cargo was diverted and many of the shipments were scattered to other areas of the United States. This has had a great impact on the supply chains of many import and export companies and the thousands of cancelled flights were damaging as well.

Everything was at a standstill for days and even weeks for some people as a result of this storm and many businesses have been financially affected. Even companies that focus on smaller packages like Fedex had to change their routes so that their deliveries would not be lost in the storms’ chaos. This created problems for the diverted destinations since the volume became so extensive. The road closures and fuel issues were trouble as well since shipments would arrive but had no way of being transferred. Sandy’s wake has been fading for many supply chains as things get back to normal, but many air freight companies still have a long road to financial recovery from the super storm. That is why getting an instant air freight quote would be a big help for companies.