Air Freight Shipping

Many international businesses ship international freight in containers every week without having to think about air freight shipping. They have a steady flow of goods and a clean supply chain, but they might be carrying a lot of inventory as a result. This can be very expensive and not always necessary since air freight has become more accessible over the years.

The trouble is that many shipping managers completely avoid shipping via air since it can be an incredible increase in price from shipping via ocean. Meantime, in order to ship an urgent purchase order, they would also wind up releasing other purchase orders that may not be needed yet just to get the shipping container moving. This is how companies build their inventory levels and end up spending funds to hold inventory unnecessarily. Depending on the product, this can cause major cash flow issues. Air freight can be another better way of taking care of that important customer while not twisting your own company into a knot in the meantime.  This is why lean manufacturing has become so popular in up and coming businesses.

Air freight is not only a mode of transportation for the high end or precious commodities anymore. As people begin to run lean companies, we are seeing a better use of funds and companies are working smarter and functioning better as a result. Air freighting cargo can still seem like a financial problem to some shippers, but it can be a great way to supplement the inventory of your fastest moving items and keep your customers happy. Consult a trusted freight forwarder to discuss air cargo shipping.