Airplanes Accepting Cargo

Ships have been around for centuries, transporting goods and creating trade lanes between different areas of the world. Air travel on the other hand, is a relatively new way of transporting goods as well as people around the world. While the first plane was flown by the Wright brothers back in 1903, the airline industry did not become a viable form of transporting cargo until further into the 1920's when people began to experiment with cargo. It wasn't until after World War II that cargo planes began to take hold of the airfreight industry despite resistance from the passenger flight industry. The dedicated cargo planes are only part of the air freight industry now. Over the years, a few different ways have been established for air cargo within countries as well as around the world. Passenger planes now also carry cargo and super cargo planes that are dedicated to carry larger goods like aircraft parts or otherwise awkward loads have forever changed the commercial flight industry. This has not only enabled companies to carry more cargo, but they can offer low freight costs when at fuller capacities. Airfreight has always been considered a more expensive form of transportation, but with these newer cargo buses, more companies have been able to rely on airfreight for their regular business. While this does not rival the container ships and bulk carriers by any means, it does allow for quicker transportation which only complements the other transporters in the industry.