All About Accessorials

Accessorials are charged when a shipment requires additioanl services during transit. Some of the most common accessorials are explained below:

Inside Delivery - If the shipper or consignee requires the carrier to move freight inside a structure, inside delivery will be assessed to the shipment.

Liftgate Service - If a loading dock or forklift is not going to be present at pickup or delivery, it's important to make sure that the carrier will be providing a truck with a liftgate. Liftgates are hydraulic ramps which are attached to the back of some trucks - they allow pallets and other freight to be lowered to the ground without the need for a forklift or loading dock.

Residential Delivery - If a shipment is picked up from or delivered to a residential address, the carrier will charge an additional fee which can be significant. It's important to confirm from the other party involved in your shipment whether their location is truly commercial, or is a home address. Miscommunications can often occur when a shipper or consignee "works from home" and consideres their home to be a commerical address. The carrier does not!