There are numerous sections that comprise an ocean freight vessel. These sections are operated by the various crewmembers and are used for storing cargo for the long journey at sea. One area of a ship that is used for cargo is the Alongside, which is also considered as the side of a vessel. Shippers should be aware of the Alongside of a vessel. This area can be a good option for placing freight. This section on the dock or barge used for cargo is near the ship’s tackle for the purpose of loading and unloading. It is near the transport ship and sometimes there might be decreased loading expenses.

The big reason why shippers should be aware of the Alongside is because of the freight. Everyday, shippers depend on the Alongside. The International Chamber of Commerce has created an Incoterm, also known as shipping per the International Commercial Terms, which is called “Free Alongside Ship”. This is also called FAS. With “Free Alongside Ship”, all of the costs and risks relating to loss or damage of the freight becomes the sole responsibility of the buyer when the cargo is placed on the Alongside at the port for departure. When you receive an ocean freight quote, this might be another option to consider for shipping. If you are a new shipper who has any questions about the purpose of the Alongside, or how the Incoterm “Free Alongside Ship” works, speak to a trusted freight forwarder who can provide professional guidance on the issue.