Benefits of Finding a Good Import Customs Broker

Finding a good US customs broker is an important step in getting started in importing. A broker will be your first line of defense against US Customs' rules and regulations which can be intimidating for those unfamiliar. Not only will a broker help an import shipping business figure out the correct HTS numbers that should be used to classify the cargo being imported, but over time a broker will also become a trusted part of your import team. If you are creating a garment or shoe for instance, they can help you determine your best strategy for materials and you want them to be correct. These are the types of things that come about from a mutually beneficial and trusting relationship. Unfortunately this does not usually happen overnight and sometimes may not happen at all. One of the worst things people do is to not check references on a company that they are bringing in to their import circle. Not only can a broker cause problems with duties, but a customs broker can make or break your relationship with US Customs. And we all need a good relationship with US Customs. A good broker will encourage you to apply for CTPAT and try to get you on a direct payment or ACH with customs so that everything can run smoothly. They will also provide online tracking or your shipping containers and bills of lading as well as an end of the year recap CD of your documents since you must keep them for 5 years. Most of all, good broker should be willing and able to answer any and all questions that you may have regarding US Customs. With this in mind, finding a broker can be a difficult search, but the benefits will far exceed your efforts.