Can I Trust Shipping Calculators?

Since the internet has gotten more effective, the way we do business in the shipping industry has changed as well. Companies like freight forwarders and shipping lines no longer solely rely on their marketing pamphlets and elaborate sales pitches to win over customers. They have much more to offer when they can refer their customers to their websites to allow for easy access to information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can find shipping schedules and transit information and even use shipping calculators and get instant freight shipping rates. So much information is there that it can be difficult to see if information is misleading or if a company is trying to cheat you.

Something like a shipping calculator can be like a great tool for companies looking to estimate their shipping rates. People can go online when they need to and can work freight rates into their landed costs. The question is whether or not to take it to the next level. Do they then use this same company to book their shipping cargo with the steamship lines? For years, people have created fraudulent companies and tried to scam unsuspecting customers with their elaborate websites. It is important to make the same judgments about your partners online as it is for other partners. Look for clues like direct contacts and licensing information and use references to help you. Having to register can be a good sign. This can mean the company is only looking for serious customers. While this may seem like a lot to go through for rates, it can be a great way to get started with a new more technologically advanced company. Not only can this help you in the short term, but they may eventually become a long-term partner as well.