Cargo Shipping In 2013

2012 was important year for the international shipping industry and for shipping ocean freight. But how will shipping events in 2012 linger on and affect the industry in 2013? In the US, 2012 was the year for potential port strikes. Following a strike from the Office Clerical Unit of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union in November, another potential strike – this time with the International Longshoremen’s Association – seemed inevitable after contract negotiations with the US Maritime Alliance broke down on December 18th. By December 28th, both the ILA and USMX reached a labor agreement to extend the current contract for an additional 30 days and averted a strike in 2012. But what about 2013 when the contract ends in January? Will the ILA and USMX reach a new contract agreement in 2013 or will there be a strike?

Mother Nature is another factor to watch out for in 2013. Last year, Super Storm Sandy created a headache for ocean shipping by damaging containers and closing several Mid-Atlantic ports for days. Freight forwarders also had to make adjustments in order to serve the needs of clients affected by Sandy. In 2013, weather could play another factor in container shipping, and the industry needs to be able to learn from Sandy so that the same problems do not occur again.

While there remains a degree of uncertainty for the container shipping industry in 2013, one thing remains certain – you need a freight forwarder who can help guide you through whatever happens in 2013. They can provide you with an instant ocean freight quote online and the logistics needed to navigate the shipping industry in 2013.