Certificate of Seaworthiness

A paramount part of the shipping industry deals with the protection, the security and the safety of an ocean freight vessel in transportation. Without that sense of precaution, there would be a lot of uncertainty in ocean freight shipping. The term of seaworthiness applies to those ocean vessels that are fit to travel across the ocean for the purpose of transporting freight. By the word ‘fit’, logistics professionals are referring to ships that have sound engineering, design, space for the freight and a professional crew on board. With these requirements, a ship can embark on safe journey across the sea.

To help determine the seaworthiness of a vessel, the industry has relied on a system where a Certificate of Seaworthiness can be issued. This certificate is vital for ocean freight security. The certificate of seaworthiness is a required document used for proving the seaworthiness of a ship. For example, after a ship encounters a slight setback with a little damage, the certificate of seaworthiness can be important for the ship. Usually, the certificate of seaworthiness is typed out on paper and issued by the country that the vessel owner belongs to.

Finding an ocean freight shipping vessel that has the certificate of seaworthiness might seem difficult, but it is easily accomplished in today’s shipping environment. Work with a trusted freight forwarder that has a large list of carriers around that World. A freight forwarder can locate a vessel that meets your safety requirements.