Chinese New Year 2014

January 31st 2014 is the Chinese New Year, which is also known as the Spring Festival or called the Lunar New Year. And this year marks the Year of the Horse. During the holiday, there will be mass celebrations, as well as diminished shipping in the Far East.

Manufacturing factories are closed during Chinese New Year as many workers leave their factory jobs about one week before the actual holiday begins. And the holiday itself could last 15 days after the start date of January 31st. Chinese New Years is considered a public holiday in China, Hong King, Singapore and Taiwan. It is also popular among some citizens in Japan, Thailand, Philippines and Cambodia. Because there will be so many manufacturing companies in the Far East closed during the weeks around Chinese New Year, carriers tend to have less vessel capacity. As a result, some carriers book fewer sailings to the major base ports in the region during this holiday.

If a business exports their cargo to the Far East, there are also major problems. Workers in the Far East ports are off for the holiday, so the exports are congested at the port. In order for a shipment to arrive in the Fast East before Chinese New Year, it must arrive to the destination port at least 10 days before the holiday. That is why businesses should get an instant ocean freight quote long before the holiday so that they can book their shipments.

Since Chinese New Year has a major impact on supply chains, speaking to a freight forwarder can help provide guidance and a plan for survival during this holiday.