Clean Cargo Working Group

Everyone in the ocean freight shipping industry, including freight forwarders, supports ways to reduce any harmful emissions into the environment. New technologies that will help improve the environmental conduct is vital, but the shipping industry must also track the progress made. That is where the Clean Cargo Working Group comes into play. Also known as CCWG, this international business to business organization specializes in measuring, reporting and evaluating the environmental impact metrics in the container shipping industry. For 10 years, this group has played a tremendous role in the industry in that way. Currently, there are 40 ocean freight carriers that are in the group. These carriers represent over 2300 vessels, and more than 70% of the total industry.   

Their goal at the Clean Cargo Working Group is to limit the carbon dioxide footprint of the freight industry. There are many benefits to being a carrier member of this organization. Members can track their environmental progress, and give that progress to their clients. This helps shippers make an informed buying decision. Members can also work with peers in the industry.

In the 2013 report released by Clean Cargo Working Group, it was revealed that 19 of the 25 trade lanes show carbon dioxide emission improvements. Also, it was reported that there is a 16% decrease in carbon dioxide emissions on average since 2009. Shippers who receive an ocean freight quote can be assured that the environmental progress of the industry is improving thanks in part to the help from the Clean Cargo Working Group.