Dedicated Run

In truckload shipping, sometimes you might hear about cargo being transported as a dedicated run and wonder what exactly it means and if your shipments could ever be classified as one. While there is no universal textbook definition for a dedicated run, it essentially refers to a truck driver who is dedicated to a specific company’s cargo. For example, a shipper might call their trusted freight forwarder and order an entire truck, trailer or van dedicated entirely to their specific freight shipment. It also usually means that a truck driver with a dedicated run could be hired by a company to only truck their freight across the United States. And even some carriers have drivers on dedicated runs. The price for a short-time dedicated run might be more costly than a full truckload, but depending on the circumstances of your shipment, you might want a dedicated run. You can also speak to your logistics provider to see if a dedicated run is something you may or may not even need.

Sometimes, a dedicated run might be confused with another freight shipping term known as a dedicated lane. The difference is that the dedicated lane is for a specific route that is consistently completed by the same driver or drivers. A dedicated run driver by contrast could have a different freight shipping route, type of freight, pickup time, loading procedures for the freight, ect.

It all depends on the logistics of the shipment. Receive an instant full truckload shipping quote today so that you can improve your logistics.