Do You Ship With Bangladesh?

Many businesses in the US depend on freight shipments arriving from Bangladesh. About 25% of Bangladesh’s ocean freight shipping exports goes to the US, and a majority of the shipments include clothing. In fact, Bangladesh is consistently one of the largest clothing exporters to the US. Bangladesh may not supply as much clothing to the US as China, but Bangladesh is poised to possibly be the 2nd largest exporter to the US someday in the future. Every day, there are vessels transporting cargo to and from Bangladesh and the US. In 2013, the US imported from Bangladesh more than 8 times our export cargo to that nation, which is a somewhat normal year of trade.

Recently, there is some alarming news from Bangladesh regarding political protests that stem from a recent election dispute. The problem is that these protests are causing massive delays at the Port of Chittagong, which is largest seaport in Bangladesh. The protests, which can be best described as turning violent, has resulted in massive congestion at this port, as well as nearby roads and railroads.  The Port of Chittagong accounts for 90% of Bangladesh’s ocean freight shipments. Top commodities at the port include leather goods, some food and of course a majority of the clothing that gets exported from Bangladesh to the US.

For shippers who are deeply concerned about their Bangladesh shipments being delayed should speak immediately with a trusted freight forwarder who can help provide insight, knowledge and guidance for how to proceed with your shipping.