Examining LTL Shipping in 2013

Shipping goods by truck could be vastly altered in 2013. The trucking and shipping industry is bound to evolve greatly this year, and a careful understanding of these potential changes can be beneficial to anyone who ships by truck. In 2013, trucking carriers across the US must learn how to price more efficiently. To increase their profits, carriers might raise certain prices on 3PLs, which might upset the already uneasy relationship between carriers and 3PLs. Perhaps both 3PLs and carriers could improve their partnerships, find better pricing and pass on the savings to clients in 2013. Some smaller carriers might have to convert to a different pricing scenario to develop better prices.

2013 also welcomes the threat of a potential strike in the trucking industry. Freight forwarders are certainly keeping a close eye on this. On July 31st 2013, the contract ends for the 250,000 UPS Teamsters who work in parcel and LTL freight shipping. UPS remains hopeful that a new contract can be reached by March 31st, but there is no sign that this possible so far. If there is no agreement by the July 31st deadline, a strike would hurt the LTL shipping industry.

The role of technology will play a greater role for supply chains in 2013. The LTL shipping industry has embraced new technology, including the use of instant LTL freight quotes online. This instant quote technology saves money and saves time for all parties. Perhaps instant freight quotes could be a real savor for the LTL industry in 2013.