Federal Bridge Gross Weight Formula

Often when you receive you an instant trucking freight quote online, you will be asked several different questions: the locations of the pickup and destination, the type of packaging, the freight class and the weight per item. It turns out that the weight of your freight is actually a very crucial aspect in determining the price and available space for your shipment.

Since 1974, the US adopted the Federal-Aid Highway Act Amendments, which established the Federal Bridge Gross Weight Formula. This is a Federal mandate that all trucks must obey. The rule regulates the weight that certain trucks are allowed to carry, due to the safety of the bridges, other vehicles and the roadways we all drive on. That is why every truck maintains a limit to the amount of weight of their freight that they are legally allowed to carry. A mathematical equation (the Bridge Formula) is used to calculate that amount for each different size of truck and numerous factors are considered for compliance.

Many shippers are unaware of the Bridge Formula and the role it plays in their freight shipping aspects on their supply chain. It is recommended that you speak with a trusted freight forwarder about the Bridge Formula if you are concerned about the weight of your shipment. It is better to be safe than sorry. After all, your supply chain depends on making sure that deliveries go out during a certain time. And it could be destructive if the weight of your shipment was too great to prevent you from shipping it all on the same truck.