Federal Highway Administration

Most shippers are aware of the Department of Transportation and the impact they can have on the trucking industry. There is a division of the Department of Transportation that is also very important to know. It is the Federal Highway Administration, also known as FHWA. They play a major role in the commercial trucking industry in the US. As a keep aspect of the Department of Transportation, the Federal Highway Administration ensures the proper funding for safely constructed and maintained highways. As an offshoot of other agencies, they were officially created in 1966. The current Administrator for the Federal Highway Administration is Victor Mendez and he has held that position in the agency for a few years now.

Inside of the agency are the Federal Highway Administration Offices of Planning and Freight Management, which can play a key role in shipping by truck. They compile annual reports that forecast the freight market, including intermodal. More importantly, they write an analysis of the freight market. This analysis includes high quality information for the industry. The reports examine all of the vital details of cargo that is shipped by truck, including the cargo weight, value of cargo in the US, types of commodities and hazardous materials. They also report on road congestion and develop strategies to alleviate it.

For shippers who review the reports of the Federal Highway Administration, there are lots of details. Speak to a trusted freight forwarder who can help give you the important details that pertain to your shipment.