Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Within the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) is a division that is in charge of safety for motor vehicles operation in the United States called the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). FMCSA is responsible for safety including high risk drivers and improving standards for commercial vehicles. It is also responsible for the commerce involved with these vehicles. Shippers can rely on this group to create a safe environment for their goods as well as making sure customers are not financially scammed or their goods are not carried illegally. The FMCSA agents are the people that shut down trucking companies and related businesses for not upholding the high standards of the Department of Transportation. In order to register for a license to carry commercial goods, a company must follow the stringent rules of FMCSA and prove that they are a reputable company who follow the laws and protect the cargo that they are moving. Since the FMCSA is also responsible for the laws regarding financial end of these moves, there are more items to prove than just having your truck in good order and there are severe penalties if the application is proved to have incorrect or misleading information. This would lead to FMCSA revoking the company's license, etc. On the FMCSA's website you can link to various other sites to investigate the companies you are dealing with to avoid any delays for your cargo. If you have found that the company you are looking to use or are already using to truck your goods is not compliant with the rules and regulations, be sure to inform the FMCSA so they can address the issues directly.