FedEx to Increase Rates

Logistics giant FedEx has announced plans to increase pricing across all of its lines, including Ground, Freight and Express. Rates are expected to increase nearly 5% along with additional increases in many surcharges and fees. Shipments that exceed normal dimensions are being targeted as well, because of the strain on equipment and processes and the extra labor resources required to process them. For many shipping managers, this means that packages which previously could ship as excessive weight or oversized dimension shipments could become much more costly. In such cases, LTL may become a viable option which provides similar transit times when compared to ground shipments, but a significant cost savings. With increases like these having already been announced, and many more speculated to be on the horizon from other carriers, it’s more important than ever to ensure that you’re shopping well for shipping rates. provides instant quotes from over 100 different carriers, combining International small parcel, air cargo, ocean freight (both LCL and FCL) and LTL quotes from one convenient platform.