Filing a Freight Claim

Sometimes when you are shipping international ocean freight, there could be numerous obstacles and problems that occur in the transportation process. The result of these problems could result in a loss or damage to your cargo. When this occurs, it is expected that the shipper will file a claim with the ocean freight carrier, or with the freight forwarder.

The objective of filing the shipping claim is to recover the value of goods relating to the damage or total loss of a container shipment. Most shippers can ask their logistics providers or ocean carriers for the claims form. On this claims form, the shipper should include the important information of their contact details, the name of the shipment, the value of the damage received and clearly request a refund. Many claims forms also require additional attachments such as a bill of lading and other appropriate shipping invoices.

Before signing the official delivery papers, shippers should inspect the shipment to find any possible damage. According to the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act, if there is damage, the shipper has 3 days to file a freight claim after delivery. The carrier is usually the liable party involved, unless the shipper caused the damage, or the incident was an act of nature, or other circumstances. A shipper should hire a surveyor to help with the inspection process.

When you get your ocean freight rate, you never expect any problems to occur. But they can occur. And filing a claim is what a shipper does in response to damage or a loss.