Freeze Protection Service

During the winter months, refrigerated freight shipments might need extra assistance. After all, it would terrible for a shipper to experience problems with their important shipments due to the colder temperatures in the winter months. That is why many shippers will opt in to a special freeze protection service during the winter. The top freight forwarders offer to shippers their freeze protection service that will provide the best protection during the coldest winter months for shipments that are meant to have a freezing point of 32 degrees Fahrenheit or below.

The reason why most shippers choose to use freeze protection service is to limit the potential damage from the low temperatures of the winter months. When you sign up for freeze protection service from your trusted logistics provider, your shipment will be protected with climate control technology on the trucks and in the storage facilities. You can also monitor your shipment online. The freeze protection service is offered during the months of October through April. LTL shipments that are picked up and delivered within a Monday-Friday week will qualify for the special service. And it is available throughout the Continental United States and Canada.

When you are requesting an LTL freight shipping rate, make sure you that you also request the freeze protection service to add onto the price. Although some shippers will ignore the freeze protection service, those shippers with temperature-sensitive freight should consider the service. Without the freeze protection service, refrigerated shipments could be in danger during the cold winter months.