Freight Forwarders vs. Asset Based Trucks

In the world of trucking, shippers have different options. Many shippers continue to rely on a trusted freight forwarder, or broker/3PL, to give them a great shipping deal and handle all of their domestic shipments. These third party logistics companies are the obvious best choice. However, a few shippers are testing their luck by trying an asset-based carrier instead for their trucking needs. On the surface, asset based carriers seem to be appealing. But when you look at how the asset-based carrier ships and their lack of resources, it seems troubling. That is why freight forwarders and brokers offer more advantages than an asset based carrier.

There are many disadvantages when you are working with an asset-based carrier. For example, asset based carriers lack the resources that most freight forwarders maintain, and they only have a limited number of equipment and trucks. This could present a huge problem for big supply chains. In addition, the safety standards for asset-based carriers are not the same as freight forwarders. Asset-based carriers normally cannot offer volume-based discounted rates.

Freight Forwarders still offer the best solution for shipping by truck in the US.  They are reliable, communicate greatly and have a reputation in shipping that cannot be beat by asset-based carriers. Through their high shipping standards, freight forwarders maintain great control of their carriers, including safety standards, trucking standards and regulated insurance. More importantly, freight forwarders develop contracts with every leading trucking company in the US, allowing them to control a high buying power and pass the savings onto shippers with their instant trucking quotes online. That is why freight forwarders are the still the best option for your shipments.