Frequently Used Shipping Terms

The team has put together a list of the most commonly used (and often misunderstood) terms in LTL:

Any service that is not considered ‘standard’ will usually incur additional fees. Accessorials may include, but are not limited to: arrival notification, inside delivery, insurance, liftgate service, COD, hazardous materials, limited access delivery (places like schools, hospitals, military facilities and the like).

Delivery Appointment
When the LTL carrier notifies and schedules a delivery date and time with the receiver. This is NOT done in most cases unless this accessorial is arranged prior to the shipment being picked up!

Shipping Bill of Lading (BOL)
Paperwork that provides the driver, carrier, shipper and receiver with complete details of the shipment and correct billing information.

Another name for the truck/trucking company who transports cargo.

Refers to the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) number that specifically identifies the approximate size, value and difficulty of transporting a particular type of product that can be shipped by a carrier. If you're unsure of your freight class, it's important to contact our customer service team before quoting or scheduling your shipment. Reclassifications can be very costly! Our team is available to assist you at (877) 287-0804 during business hours if you are unsure or are unable to determine your class.

The person/company receiving the shipment.

The person/company shipping the shipment.

Inside Delivery
When a driver is required to go beyond the front door or loading dock to pick up or deliver a load rather than remaining in his/her truck or on the loading dock.

Liftgate Service
A liftgate is a motorized platform affixed to the back of some trucks that raises and lowers cargo between the ground and the truck. When the shipping or receiving location does not have a loading dock, manual loading or unloading is necessary. Accessorial fees will apply for this service.

Is an acronym for Less-Than-Load, meaning cargo that is not of the quantity to require an entire truckload (TL) by itself. Typically, an LTL shipment ranges from 100 lbs to 10,000 lbs, and takes up 12 linear feet of the trailer or less. If you require a Truckload or Volume quote (for shipments larger than LTL), please contact customer service at 877-287-0804 during business hours.

PRO Number
You will see a space for the truck driver to affix the ‘PRO sticker’ on your bill of lading. This is simply a tracking number assigned by the carrier to reference your shipment.

Redelivery Fee
A fee that will be assessed by the carrier after any failed delivery attempt. Typically this fee is minimal and based on weight.

Reweigh/Reclass Fee
If the carrier suspects that the weight or class of your shipment is inaccurate, a fee will be charged to re-weigh or correctly re-class your cargo.