Fumigation Certificate

In international ocean freight shipping it is very important to have all shipping documents in order. This includes original bills of lading, packing lists, commercial invoices for every shipment, but there are some additional requirements based on origin or destination and the type of commodity being shipped. One of these documents is a fumigation certificate. The fumigation certificate is documentation that all wooden packaging materials in the shipping container have been fumigated at their country of origin. While it is not always required, it is as important to document as the other items in a set of international shipping documents. 

Many people do not spend a lot of time worrying about the additional documents like the fumigation certificate. The problem with this is that if it is required for importing, the shipper cannot clear US Customs.  Without all of the proper documentation including this will delay the shipment and they may even be required to destroy any wood packing materials. This may include items like crates and pallets and they will have to start over before entry into the United States. And of course any costs associated would be billed to the shipper since it is their responsibility to handle fumigation.

In international shipping, a fumigation certificate is a secondary document that is not always required but can be a big problem for shippers if it is not included. As with any documents it is important that all documents are in order before the shipment leaves its origin. And it is not the freight forwarder or broker’s responsibility, it is the shipper’s responsibility, so make sure that you have the fumigation certifiate in order before you ship.