Getting the Best Ocean Freight Rates

Getting ocean freight rates has never been easier. It used to be that importers and exporters had to call shipping companies and work with sales people at companies like Maersk or their representatives at an NVOCC to get freight rates. And to get good freight rates, they would have to agree to specific volumes without knowing what other companies were getting for the same products shipping. This was before tariffs were required as they are now and before internet access could lead you to the best rates in the industry. After all even if you cannot get the rates yourself, at least you can know what is out there.

Freight rates are now as easy as ever with your best tool being the internet. You no longer have to wait for your freight forwarding contact to get back to you or for a sales rep to contact you about rates. There are so many other aspects of shipping for them to handle outside of getting rates that now you should be getting better service as well as better information. We know just when ships arrive and when shipments have been picked up and cleared without having to speak to anyone. Everything is online and accessible. With companies like Global Forwarding, you can access your information 24 hours, 7 days a week without hassle. If you are in China meeting with a new supplier, you do not have to wait for the next day. If you are at a trade show and want to know about shipping a new product, it is not even a phone call. With all of the new technology in the world, finding information about shipping is always available online. And that is why it is so easy to use today.