Getting supplies into Oklahoma

When we hear about a natural disaster the logistics community jumps into action. The tornado in Moore Oklahoma is no different. Everyone feels for the victims and wants to help so we fill trailers and shipping containers with supplies and get them going straight to the site. We do not worry about trucking freight rates or other service issues. The problem with this is when the community is not yet set up to have so many outsiders coming in it can make it harder for the people to get what they need. We need to consider this when we look to donate. We do not want to become part of the problem.

People all over the United States, including freight forwarders, are trying to help and they get started right away. Right now the people of Moore need to find temporary homes and begin to put their lives back together. If full truckloads are sent, they will need to have a specific destination or they will not be allowed in to the area. This can be very difficult for people outside of Moore to hear since they want to take action and be a part of the healing. Sending a tractor trailer full of supplies is not what they are requesting though. They are looking for financial donations so they can get what they need on their own. We have to remember that they have been through this before and they know what they need. Everyone wants to help the people of Oklahoma, but we need to do it on their terms.