Global Forwarding Newsletter

Maersk adds a GRI of $775 in its Asia-Europe Trade lane... more

The results are in for 2011 and container imports are up 3% for 2011... more

January 2012 Jobs report has been released with good news... more

Fuel costs will continue to rise into the spring... more

Global Forwarding Named an official Sponsor of the US Bobsled and Skeleton Federation of Teams. Igor Kapelnikov says "It is very exciting for us to assist the US Bobsled and Skeleton Teams. We will provide transportation solutions so they can focus on being the phenomenal athletes they are. We feel very lucky to be a part of it." See more below:

House Republicans introduced a new 5 year Transport plan to bring more flexibility to the states for federal funding. Chairman John Mica says this is the "most important legislation to put Americans back to work." The original plan would allow for states to make long term plans for infrastructure changes as well as change over the road weight limitations as regulations soften. Unfortunately the portion regarding weight has been subjected to an amendment which is causing controversy... more

Some Changes We Can Expect for 2012

Although the shipping industry seems to be bouncing back, the economic issues of 2011 have led to some challenges we will see in 2012. The British economic crisis has led to further tightening of bank dollars, so many companies are still struggling. Some have strategies for 2012 that are already starting to work for them. We have been seeing carriers such as CMA CGM teaming up with smaller lines to vessel share and accommodate low demand in certain areas. Between the decrease of shipping overall and the increase of fuel costs, it makes more sense to partner with each other. In 2012 we will also see more companies striving to go green. Several global policies will go into effect including new standards for lower emissions for both ships and trucks. While this is a plus for the environment, it is sure to put a strain on smaller companies. On a more positive note, container imports were reported to have increased 3% in 2011. This is great news for the shipping industry and a good indicator for the future. So while the maritime industry has been struggling with everyone else, there is a light at the end of the tunnel in 2012.