Going Paperless

It is no secret that the environment has become a key talking point for many companies. One of the biggest issues is that companies are trying their best to “go paperless”.  Not only will this help the environment though it can, but it can change the way companies are doing business. Companies involed in international shipping in particular has been moving towards paperless for a long time.

Ever since computers advanced into a regular component of offices, the shipping industry has been moving forward and sharing information through technology. The larger companies like Maersk began to create their own software for keeping track of shipping containers and reporting information to their customers. Eventually this became reporting via the internet which was a huge difference from the paper shifting and constant mailing and faxing that was previously the norm. At the same time, freight forwarders and customs brokers began to report this information to their customers as well which allowed for faster information flow and quicker access to changes in the supply chain.

Now we can see our freight rates as well as ETA’s in real time online, instantly in front of our eyes. Even customs documents can be kept and submitted online for a more paperless environment. This is particularly useful since companies are required to keep them.  There are very few things that cannot be scanned online for review later. Technology has made it much easier for the shipping industry to go paperless. These days, even the mom and pop shops are able to participate in going green. Going paperless can save supply chains money and time in their operations.