Green Ship of the Year Named

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore has named UASC Umm Quasr, which is a containership, the Green Ship of the year.  This honor is awarded to a ship for its energy efficiency and for reducing fuel consumptions and emissions.  The final factor in determining the winner is for energy efficiency. The ship, which is the property of Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries, is 300 meters long. The ship is based out of the United Arab shipping company. The box ship is now working for the United Arab shipping company under a charter. It was built in 2014.

     So, what makes this ship “green”?  Well, is has a ballast water treatment system and an engine that makes the most of fuel efficiency.  There is a reduction in noise, vibrations and carbon emissions.  On board the ship there is a water treatment system that can purify the seawater and remove bacteria.  While docked, the ship uses the electric power at the shore to cut down on harmful emissions.

     HSH Industries (Hyundai Samho Heavy) stated that over the year it has proven that it can build eco-friendly ships.  They say they are meeting the ever increasing demands from the shipping companies for eco-friendly ships that have high fuel efficiency levels.