Green Shipping

In recent years, people have been increasingly concerned about being environmentally conscious. There have been groups, politicians, commercials and all kinds of rhetoric thrown around in the name of being "green". So what does that mean for the shipping industry? Some container shipping companies are buying ships that have been designed to lower emissions, environmental groups are pushing for further regulations on these types of emissions and vessel sharing agreements are becoming a part of regular life. Even freight forwarders and brokers have become involved in the prospects of going green. Some use this concept right next to their low freight rates as a ploy to bring in customers. They might say that their trucks run cleaner or that they only use freight companies that surpass the environmental regulations. More recently companies are using the concept of combining cargo as an attempt to "go green". This only means that they are consolidating within their own shipping and trucking lanes, which is not only green, but also much better for lower freight costs since fuel prices are at an all time high. Before using a company that claims to be greener than other shipping companies, be sure to look at the total package. Are they following the Department of Transportation regulations, are they using appropriate safety measures and do they have proof to back up their claims. Otherwise, they may just be doing what every other company is doing in this economy and trying to save money. Using the environment as a tactic to gain customers can only work of companies let it.