Guide to Import Duties

All countries have different import regulations. In addition, import duties are different for the types of products a person or company is importing. This can be looked at from two perspectives.

1) A person/company based in USA exporting a container - Many people don't need any special licenses to export a container. If more information is needed regarding licenses, we will tell you once you fill out the quote form and get your ocean freight rates. Alternatively you can go to the US Customs and Border Protection website. If you need to find help in the US, then find the Embassy of the country you are shipping to. Normally they are all in Washington DC so do a Google search for something like: "the country + Embassy Washington DC".


2) Person/company importing (receiving) the product - Normally the person or company "receiving" the product is responsible for paying the import fees once the product arrives to the destination port. So if you are the person or company shipping the product in the US, you don't have to worry about import duties since the receiver pays for it, unless of course there is something prearranged.


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