Hong Kong Gateway

When people think about worldwide ports, Hong Kong is always on the list for ports with the most impact on the world. It may even be called the most important port in the world for many people since it is a major logistics hub. Not only is it a gateway to China, but it is also a gateway to Asia in general. While people in the US would mention New York or Long Beach as the ports with the biggest impact, people in Asia mention Hong Kong. Even over the past fifteen years Hong Kong has made an increasing impact on international shipping despite being a part of the Peoples Republic of China. As much as people had feared the change over from British rule, it seems Hong Kong has not been affected in a negative way. In fact with their own issues like the Asian financial crisis and the flu outbreak that happened right after, there were many other distractions that were prevalent at the time so the transition seemed to move through without much notice. The interesting part is that the people of Hong Kong live very much like they always did and as a hub for international logistics, they are a highly educated and industrialized so it makes sense that the port would become increasingly important to the rest of the world. The Hong Kong port is still thriving just as any other international ports would in these times, and they are increasingly becoming the most important port in Asia.