How Freight Forwarders Benefit Shippers

Find out 3 of the top reasons that most of the nation's largest companies use 3PLs and freight forwarders to help manage their supply chain.

1. Flexibility- Forwarders and 3PLs often have a network of carriers who can move a shipment at any given time. Having many options means that by working with a 3PL, you automatically have access to different carriers who can come through if an original plan falls apart. This means less disruption and an increased likelihood of on-time delivery.

2. Versatility- Freight forwarders have more versatility then common carriers. Because they work with a number of carriers, a 3PL can usually find one carrier who is able to accomodate special requests, such as transloading, inside delivery, weekend delivery and expedited or guaranteed transit options.

3. Savings- Any reliable 3PL will have negotiated volume discounts with carriers. The collective freight that a 3PL has control over will usually far outweigh the amount of freight that any one shipper has to move. As such, 3PLs and forwarders have more bargaining power to negotiate deeper discounts with carriers. The result usually means a discount as compared to calling a carrier directly to ask for a rate.