How Global Forwarding Survived Hurricane Sandy





Now that Hurricane Sandy has passed, we hope that you are safe and well. Hurricane Sandy left a destructive path across the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. Homes and businesses were flooded and damaged beyond repair. The Jersey Shore region particularly received a bulk of the mess. Although Global Forwarding’s Corporate Headquarters is located in Manalapan, New Jersey (near the Jersey Shore), we were spared from the major damage of Hurricane Sandy. Howeverour electricity was not functional. In order to help serve our customers’ domestic shipping and international shipping needs, we had to set up operations (during the days following Hurricane Sandy) in a field office in Princeton, New Jersey.

As you can see from our photo above, our field office in Princeton was bleak at best. These aren’t our normal and comfortable working conditions. Despite these disadvantages, Global Forwarding was able to maintain the same extraordinary customer service that our reputation is known for. For example, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, if you needed to ship a pallet of products across the Northeast and you required an instant LTL rate, we were able to provide you with the same exact service. Or if you needed an instant quote for Ocean Freight, we would still help you while working in our field office. Even though businesses were closed after Hurricane Sandy, Global Forwarding stayed opened and assisted all of our customers through this difficult time. A week after Hurricane Sandy, our headquarters in Manalapan, New Jersey regained electrical power. We returned to our original headquarters in Manalapan and continued our outstanding work. Use Global Forwarding to help you get back to business after Hurricane Sandy.