How to Ship Pallets

Shipping your products domestically is an important part of your business. It’s a vital part of our operation too, and that is why is dedicated to ensuring that your shipment efficiently reaches its destination and we guarantee an instant quote online.

As with any shipping operation, sometimes it can be just plain confusing and possibly expensive when you’re dealing with some shipment classes. Especially when your business is trying to send smaller shipments domestically.  You’re thinking, “Wow, there needs be a more convenient and cost-effective way to accomplish this.”

After all, a single shipment shouldn’t have to crush your business’ wallet. Here’s a solution for you and your wallet: replace that “W” in wallet with a “P”. What do you get? Pallet! just happens to be the leading logistics operations at providing businesses with competitive domestic pallet rates.

That’s the beauty about shipping with domestic pallets on – its like an all you can eat buffet! For just one low flat rate, you can put as many shipments as you want on your pallet. As long as your shipment is less than 2000 pounds and it fits on the pallet, then you pay just one low flat rate. Or in other words, if it fits then it ships. Plus our domestic pallet rates start as low as just $77.

A few tips for pallet delivery include making sure that your shipments are wrapped safely and securely and are labeled properly. For more information about getting a great price on domestic pallets, go to to get an instant freight quote today. Whether you’re using wooden or plastic pallets, is your best source for efficient pallet shipping services and competitive pallet rates.